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About Us


 My name is Jon Knight, before establishing Basingstoke Metal Finishes in  2010, I worked for several companies since the 1990s that dealt with  various types of surface finishes. I have had a vast amount of  experience with various types of paints over the years, for example  cellulose, 2 pack, polyurethane, water based, enamel, etch primers,  powder coating and aviation approved products. These are a TYPE 1, GRADE  E, CLASS A chemical & corrosion resistant epoxy polymide primer and  a 3m EC3960 structural adhesive primer. Both of these products do take  skill to apply them properly, as the 3m EC3960 product has to be applied  at times to a thickness as low as 1/1000mm. This is known as 1 micron.  As you will see on my website, I have the knowledge to do many other  types of finishes, which is the reason why I started Basingstoke Metal  Finishes.